Feb 23, 2014

Last days of sun

Saturday, February 22 – Sitting at SeaTac waiting for our shuttle home. What a difference a few hours makes. We used to be in sunshine and hot, now we’re sitting in an ice-cold parking garage, thankful that it’s not snowing. But first, a review of our last three days. Wednesday we decided we needed a […]

Feb 18, 2014

Riding with a Seattle transplant

Today we headed out to ride with Bridget, a Seattleite who fell in love and moved to Tucson. She was thrilled to be able to talk about Capitol Hill, lakes, Cascade bike rides, and all things Northwest. We also got to meet her husband, Tony, as he joined us on what turned out to be […]

Feb 17, 2014

Sunshine = biking as a way of life

It’s Monday, Presidents’ Day. We just got in from a 41 mile ride around parts of Tucson we’ve never seen. This time we were led by our host Steve Wilson. He and his partner Patricia are putting us up in their lovely home in central Tucson for the remainder of our stay. We spent most […]

Feb 15, 2014

Tucson – February 2014

We flew from cold, wet Seattle to hot, sunny Tucson on February 12. We have 10 days to play in the sunshine, due to Spencer’s school schedule. Our plan is to spend 4 nights with our friend Susan Reed (who we met last winter down here) then Sunday we move to Steve Wilson’s place. We’d […]

Jul 30, 2013

Let’s get to work.

Several of us have been talking for some time about how to best use our energies to change the world. A lot of the answer depends on what you mean by “best”, “use”, “our energies”, “change”, and “world”. But does it have to be that daunting? Perhaps. But is that any reason to fail to […]

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