Wednesday, August 22

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday nights with tandem acquaintances in Yakima. They’d offered to put us up on our layover day. It turned out to be a good thing because the storm finally caught us at 9 that evening. It rained for the next 30 hours.

Pennington eating corn off the cob!However, we were at Greg and Elisabeth’s house that whole time. They fixed us a great Mexican meal Tuesday night. Wednesday we got massages, read, and did laundry while they worked. We made them vegan pepperoni pizza. When Greg learned I hadn’t gotten around to cleaning my bike on the day off, he went downstairs with the Pledge can to clean and polish it! What a host! They also have an incredible cat who eats corn right off the cob. Misses fewer pieces than I do! We had a delightful stay with them. We hope to reciprocate in the near future.

Packwood to Yakima
Yakima to Cle Elum