We packed our stuff onto Cascade Bike Club (CBC) trucks and stepped onto a bus to take us to Post Falls, Idaho. That was the starting place for this year’s RAW. Seven hours later, our soon-to-be community of cyclists were setting up camp in preparation for a week long journey.

We found friends from last year’s trip, including Toni Stanek (husband Rick couldn’t make it so friend Mike came in his place), as well as lots of fellow ETC riders: Tamara and Michael, Richard and Marilyn, Ralph and Carol, Steve and Denise, Amy and Thyce, Bonnie and Mike, and Dave and Ninaclick to enlarge. In all, there were 11 tandems on the ride! Amy and Thyce (shown left) rode to the starting line from Seattle, towing their gear!

Some of us rode into Post Falls for dinner, then we turned in for the night. We were serenaded by local race cars until 11 p.m. What a pleasant start to our vacation.

2002 RAW
Sunday, August 18