July 12-19, 2003

Billed as seven days of adventure on the Sunshine Coast of beautiful British Columbia, Tour BC was scheduled as the big regional trip for the S2Cycle team this summer. Little matter that it started the day after our one-day STP. “We are fit. We can do it.”

Or maybe that should be, “We’re in pretty good shape. We can manage it.”

Or maybe, “We are greedy. We can somehow stumble through this hell.”

After weeks of planning the packing portion of this extravaganza, on Friday, July 11, we finally packed up all our gear, less the necessities for the STP, the first day of riding of Tour BC, and our toiletries. This included a cooler of vegan food for us to ensure we had enough protein for the week. We dropped it off at Patty and Ron’s house in Seattle. They were also going on the tour and agreed to cart it all up for us.

One Day Seattle to Portland
North Vancouver to Sechelt