This year is off to a great start. We’ve been out on the tandem more often in the early months of the year (200+ miles before our spring trip to Tucson), partly due to better weather (thank you Global Warming). We feel strong as we’ve been taking spinning classes and lifting weights over the winter months. We just returned from spending Spring vacation in Tucson with friends we met on last fall’s Grand Canyon to Mexico tour.

We organized the Northwest Tandem Rally in Lacey, WA Memorial Day weekend. That took a lot of time that might otherwise have been devoted to riding.

Our plans for the season have been massively impacted by our decision to sell our house. Take time to read all about our self- contained tour around the Big Island of Hawaii.

We’ve done fewer organized rides this year than ever. We did the Camano Climb and the Rhody Tour. Also the Mountain Lakes Challenge and RAPSODY Ride Around Puget Sound.

Spring Break in Tucson