Today we began our Hawaiian odyssey. Caught a ride to the Seattle Airport at 7 a.m. (Thanks, Billie!) It would be 16 hours before we left controlled airspace (because we were using frequent flyer miles our connections weren’t optimal). We were prepared with lots of snacks, sandwiches, books, and water bottles. Or so we thought.

A 2.5 hour flight took us only marginally toward the islands. We landed in Salt Lake City around noon and switched to a tiny little plane to head to San Francisco. Made it to Baghdad-by-the-Bay (I wonder how they feel about that moniker now?) with time to spare before our 5:30 departure to Honolulu.

To pass time in the Salt Lake airport and on the next flight, we rented the movie “Monster” starring Charlize Theron. Wow. It was an intense, troubling, and very well done movie. I’d recommend it to everyone except Colby. Way too much sad stuff for her. Dropped the movie off at the SF airport before flying to Oahu.

Click to see ohia flower enlargedThe last leg of the trip was the toughest. It was a 5+ hour flight. You’d think there would be more service on a flight that long. We got two rounds of soft drinks and a sack lunch. Ham and cheese. We were pretty much out of our own sandwiches by then so we just snarfed the chips and cookies. There was some kind of short in the in-flight movie. Every now and then it would just blow static in your ear. It became too irritating to listen to, so I turned it off. Sheila had wisely chosen to ignore it from the beginning.

It was dark when we arrived at Honolulu. All our gear successfully made all their transfers, so we were pleased. We were too late to catch a flight to the Big Island, so we just spent the night. Our hotel was only a 10 minute ride from the airport, thank goodness for small favors.

Circumnavigating the Big Island of Hawai`i
Day 1: Monday, August 02, 2004