Saturday: 64 miles; 793’ elevation gain

Click to see elevation larger

Click to see elevation larger

This day could not have been flatter. Be sure to note the scale on the elevation chart, left. We wanted to get an early start so we could get an early start on the road to Missoula. We were pedaling by 7. We were pretty much alone all day.

The only exceptions were between the first and second rest areas. We picked up a single named Cheryl who drafted us in to the rest stop with the giant baked potato. She took the photo left. We were disappointed the museum wasn’t open yet.

We actually picked up Gordon (shown below) along that stretch too. He’s a Canadian now living in Idaho who we’d spent a bit of riding time with earlier in the week. We split up after the second rest stop (no porta-potties again, hmmmm.) but we were together at the last rest stop. We pulled him into Idaho Falls. It wasn’t quite noon and we were done.

We gathered up our gear, said our goodbyes, picked up some soda for the road and headed back to Seattle. We just didn’t know it was going to be Seattle before we saw a bed again. That was a long day. If you missed that part of the story, return to the overview page, below the map.

Lava Hot Springs to Pocatello