Aug 14

Soda Springs to Lava Hot Springs

by in 2008 Idaho

Thursday: 66 miles, 1241’ gain

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We were ready for an easy day after the trip to Soda Springs. We got it. This was nearly all downhill. We bundled up against the cold and rolled out toward Chesterfield, the first Mormon settlement in Idaho.

We were there pretty early on. It was actually the second rest stop of the day, but we beat the porta-potties  to the stop. There wasn’t much “there” there. A log cabin general store filled with things you could have bought in 1880. Several scattered buildings in various stages of renovation. I think they’re trying to make it into a living pioneer museum. It was interesting, except for the wild bee that stung me. Twice I get it in one trip. What is that about?

Shortly after we left Chesterfield we reached 20,000 cumulative miles riding tandems. I took a picture of a bee hive, Sheila marked the spot as only cyclists can. Then we rolled on down to the lunch stop. As we were getting to lunch, a couple of the blue team swooped by us. Oh well.

After lunch it continued a mostly downhill track. We’d gotten out ahead of the Reel Theatre guys, but we saw them closing in. We decided to suck them in and spit them out.

We waited until they were 7 bike lengths back, then hit the gas. We pulled away and caught some nice downs that pushed us up to 30. One guy kept coming and we finally pulled back and let him catch us. He was impressed and he fell quietly back to his compadres who he’d left to try to catch us. A third teammate stayed with us for the last 4 miles or so hanging on as we cruised into Lava Hot Springs.

Lava was fun. Our motel was at the campground the rest of the crew were using so we could be more social. We hopped a ride into town with the owner. We spent an hour or two soaking in the hot pools and visiting with others from the tour. Some people rented inner-tubes to float down the rapids to camp. That turned out to be painful for many. One guy we know cracked his ribs. We looked up veggie restaurants in Pocatello and Idaho Falls on the library’s computers, then headed home.

The dinner was great. The chef knew what a vegan was and provided us with Quorn – a fake chicken that rounded out a nice meal. We connected with Lenette and Dave and played pinochle until it got dark. That was fun. Turns out Lenette is an elementary PE teacher too, as was a woman from Edmonds who was watching the play.

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