We had two main goals for our trip: getting into the nice, warm sunshine and riding our tandem. The first four days down here allowed us to make progress on both of them. The sun shone, although it was not quite as warm as we would have liked. It ranged from low 60s to 71 during those first days. It was decidedly cold during the nights, though, dropping toward freezing. Good thing we don’t ride at night!

We attended Monday night’s GABA (Greater Arizona Bike Alliance) meeting to see if we could connect with some other riders. The presentation was a slide show of a bike trip along the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain. That was pretty neat. We also met a woman named Susan who promised to set us up on a couple of rides later in the week.

Tuesday we rode with a GABA group from Green River on a leisurely trip to Wisdom’s Restaurant. It was a relatively flat 35 miles with a 1.5 hour lunch break in the middle. If you’ve ever ridden with us, you know how much that long a stop made our teeth grind. But the company was fun and we saw some old sights from our 2003 Arizona trip, including the now closed Longhorn Bar. One change was the stop by Border Control as we headed north on I-19. Thank you Arizona. I feel safer now.

susan-constructionThe next day we connected with Susan. She led us on a 52 mile jaunt up the Santa Cruz bike trail and toward Twin Peaks. The day warmed right up and we actually were able to take off our long pants! Susan rides a recumbent just about at the same pace as we do. We really appreciated her leading us around, especially when it meant getting past some major trail construction. We made a date to ride again the next day.

Today we woke a little tired and sore so we got her to lead us on a quick loop through the hills near Sabino Canyon. We only clocked 25 miles. A bit shorter than we usually ride, but we’ve got two weeks, right? We were home by noon and safely settled in before the big storm started rolling in.7DayForecast

Oh yeah. It’s coming. The next 4 days are going to be the coldest stretch of weather they’ve had here since 1971. Highs in the 40s. HIGHS in the 40s. We’re not going to ride. We’re going to snuggle in, do our relationship review, watch some movies and maybe do some sightseeing. We hope to get back on the bike again before we leave…..if it warms up.

Heading for Arizona Sun
Vacation in the ice box