It’s Monday, Presidents’ Day. We just got in from a 41 mile ride around parts of Tucson we’ve never seen. This time we were led by our host Steve Wilson. He and his partner Patricia are putting us up in their lovely home in central Tucson for the remainder of our stay. We spent most of the day yesterday getting our stuff moved from Susan’s house to Steve’s. Then we hit a matinee showing of “A Winter’s Tale”. We enjoyed it. We had a thank you-farewell dinner with Susan and Kirk at a place called the Blue Willow. Pretty good food topped by pretty good cherry pie. I love my cherry pie. All 25 miles of our riding that day were errand-based.

Today we got up and headed to a battery store. Sheila’s Garmin bike computer/GPS had finally worn out its rechargeable battery. Lucky for us, the store with the battery also was next door to Beyond Bread – a most excellent bakery. We enjoyed a kind of Breton pastry called Kouign-amann (pronounced queen aman). When we got ready to leave, the rear tire was flat. When I got it off, I found we’d picked up a large sheet metal screw. I had to screw it out of the tire! Just one more repair.

We cruised around Tucson’s bike trails. This included one which took us into a flood basin once or twice. Hmmmm. I’m glad the sun is out! Eventually we got to the San Xavier Mission south of town. It’s a gorgeous mission dating back to the 1600s, the oldest structure in the area. When we stopped here on the last day of our 2003 Cross Arizona Tour they were remodeling it so it was covered in scaffolding.


When we got back to town, it was lunchtime. We stopped at a restaurant called 5 Points (it’s at a star-shaped intersection). They were having equipment challenges, too. Their bread was gone so they’d had to re-open their breakfast menu. Their smoothie maker died. But the giant blueberry pancake with Field Roast sausage turned out to be quite a treat for us. We were starting to feel like cyclists again after 5 consecutive rides.

Which gets me to an interesting thing. Much of what we are doing is reminiscent of our cross-country trip. We ride a good chunk of the day. When we get in, I blog while Sheila showers. Sheila then edits and adds pictures while I hit the shower. I’ve taken to shaving just before the shower as I did on the trip. It just seems more efficient. Then we relax and wait for dinner. The major difference is that we are riding less than half what we did then. But being in the heat brings it all back.

Tucson - February 2014
Riding with a Seattle transplant