After Sheila’s essay won a substantial prize in the AARP contest, we decided to finally do the Banff-Jasper trip we’d planned just before Sheila broke her hip in 2013. This time instead of doing it all on the cheap (camping) we’ve signed up for a plush tour with Cycling Escapes.

The trip is 8 days of riding starting in West Glacier Montana. We’ll average around 60 miles a day, but our second day is 70 with 5,500’ of climbing! We’re going to need to be ready for this trip! Plus, we’ll be losing some training weeks to meditation retreats, camp, and family visits. So we’ve started setting up a training schedule which will get us out on the bike often starting in March.

Our goal for the training is to be comfortable with a century ride and with back to back 70 mile days. We’ll start by piling on a lot of base miles when we can and being close to peak by mid-July when our retreat happens. Then we’ll have 3 weeks to build before tapering for the trip.

We want to hit some of the regular rides offered in the area to build our miles, but we’ll also be looking for rides with friends on tandems and friends on half-bikes. When we figure out exactly what our riding schedule is, we’ll post it.

Seattleite Tom Dempsey’s gorgeous photos may entice you to join us…

Bicycling in Tri-Cities