We wanted a shorter ride after our successful century, so we rented a van for the day so we could drive out to the wildflower fields near Marble Falls. It was an adventure. Much different than we had planned.

After driving more than an hour we arrived at the same time as a weather front rolled in with lightning and torrential rains. We asked a local if this would blow by and he said, “It could last all day.” We had no raingear, so we turned around and drove 50 miles back home. Once again we sat out a storm in our room, napping and working on the computer. (Guess who did which one.)

WThe storm passed so we headed back downtown to Mellow Johnny’s and learned that a bronze statue of Willie Nelson was being unveiled a few blocks away or we could visit the 420 Bob Marley celebration in the park. We opted to see Willie. He’d already left to prepare for his concert with Sheryl Crowe. Thankfully the concert was sold out as the tickets were $150 each. The crowd was scrambling to get their photo taken with the new statue. They REALLY like Willie here…even the buildings!  Then we  pushed into the biggest headwinds we’ve ever felt to get to a highly recommended Thai restaurant for dinner. It was wonderful.

Tomorrow we’ll return the rental truck (thanks for nothing!) and get in our last ride before we pack the bike and get our margaritas. For those of you keeping track, we did all of 27 miles today. Woo hoo.

102 miles! H, H, H
Spring Break Austin