As Spencer mentioned there’s a lot of planning to do. And you can help! Here’s a starting list of things we’ll need to either borrow or buy. If you can lend something or have input on our purchases please add a comment below.

  1. We definitely need a good tent. Large, easy to setup. [note: just got a great 3 person tent off Craig’s List for $50]
  2. Our old sleeping bags are OLD. We’re thinking about a double sleeping bag or two that can zip together.
  3. We have an electric air mattress but what if we don’t have power some nights. We’re thinking one that is battery operated and possibly rechargable would be ideal. Otherwise perhaps a backup to our electric one that is less robust.
  4. We’ve heard good things about cycling sandals for these long summer trips. Any recommendations on brand or features to look for? [Thanks to Barb & Randall for this suggestion. We love our new Keen sandals from REI]
  5. Wondering about getting a Verizon Mobile Hotspot on a month-to-month. Since our cellphone (TMobile) won’t have good coverage we’re hoping that’ll cover us when we’re not near libraries and coffee shops. On the other hand, when we’re away from population areas the hotspot might not work either! Hmmm…. thoughts?
  6. Also wondering about a solar recharger since we’ll have several small devices needing charging regularly. We’ll mostly be camping on school grounds so there’ll be some power access but everyone on the tour will be needing the minimal outlets. This seems like it might be a good idea. Have you ever used one of these? Any advice?
  7. And of course we’re open to any other suggestions or offerings!
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