OMG! What have we committed ourselves to? Four thousand miles is more than we rode the last two years put together! We’re just starting to set up our training plan but already have a few strategies in place.

  • While we have a great fitness center included in our condo dues, we decided to join Anytime Fitness which is only 2 blocks away. The reason? In addition to regular gym stuff, they offer “on-demand” spinning classes, which means a big-screen video available 24/7. Pretty slick idea actually. It’s a new franchise. And as any cyclist knows, there’s no better way to get in shape during Seattle’s wet winter than spinning class. We got a sweet deal and are committed to 3-4 classes a week on top of our regular fitness activities.
  • I expect we’ll sign up for as many commercial rides as we can to force us outside when the weather is less than optimal. That’ll start with the traditional McClinchy Mile St. Patrick’s Day weekend.
  • The only bummer about all this is that we’ll miss the annual Northwest Tandem Rally which will be in Salem, Oregon this year on Fourth of July weekend. But since we’d already signed up for the Southwest Tandem Rally in the Austin area for our Spring Break this year, we’ll get our hit of riding with tandems anyway.
  • Our cohousing community is doing a retreat Memorial Day weekend at Indianola. So we plan to cycle back from there on Memorial Day.
  • While the tour starts in Everett with a ceremonial tire dip, it’s Puget Sound NOT the Pacific Ocean. So we’re planning to ride from Oceans Shores back to Seattle, probably the first weekend in June. That’ll allow us to make our cross country trip truly coast-to-coast. Let us know if you want to join us. The schedule is still flexible.

We’d love to hear from you with training thoughts. And we’d love to schedule some riding with you.

UPDATE: Be sure to visit our training schedule post too.

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