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Jan 23, 2003

S2 Cycling Team 2003 Trips

This photo was taken by Spencer’s brother Chris at the Northwest Tandem Rally. The rally route went right by Chris’ house on Bailey Hill Road in Eugene, Oregon.

This is the first year that we’ve actually gotten out on our tandem in the winter. In the first two weeks of the year we actually did two rides totalling more than 55 miles. Not a lot but for January in Seattle, not bad. In February we only rode once (36 miles). In March we headed to Arizona and put on 172 miles. So we feel like we got off to the best start ever. At the end of the season our total mileage is at an all-time high of 3,586. You can read all about our training season here.

Below are the major trips we have completed this year. Each is linked to our photo journals about the trip.

  • March: We  flew to Phoenix to visit friends and get in some informal riding in the sunshine. Click here to read all about it and see photos.
  • July 12: We completed our 4th STP. Read all about it here.
  • July 13-19: Immediately following the STP rode the week-long Tour-BC.
  • Sept. 27-Oct. 4: GABA: Grand Canyon to Mexico Bicycle Tour
Feb 27, 2003

2003 Training Season

Our goal this season was to do a one-day STP faster than 20 mph average. We figured that was possible since we’d been around 19 last year. But we also decided to get some help in making that goal a reality. We hired a coach. Thomas Chappel is a bright, fun, intelligent guy who is […]

Mar 15, 2003

Sunshine in the midst of winter!

S2 heads to Arizona Thanks to the generosity of my teaching partner, Colby, we were able to take 2 weeks off in March to head to Arizona. We combined a meditation retreat with some cycling and visiting to create a wonderful getaway. It would also give us a chance to try out uncoupling our new […]

Jul 12, 2003

One Day Seattle to Portland

Saturday, July 12, 2003 STP Ride Report We had been planning to do the one-day STP faster ever since last year’s ride. We decided to get a larger group of tandems, practice more, get fitter, and be stronger.  We were successful in all of those except the practicing more as a team. The day of […]

Jul 12, 2003

Tour BC: Sunshine & Whales

July 12-19, 2003 Billed as seven days of adventure on the Sunshine Coast of beautiful British Columbia, Tour BC was scheduled as the big regional trip for the S2Cycle team this summer. Little matter that it started the day after our one-day STP. “We are fit. We can do it.” Or maybe that should be, […]

Sep 27, 2003

Grand Canyon to Mexico Bicycle Tour

The 23rd Annual “Great Arizona Bicycle Adventure” September 27 Thru October 4, 2003 After much preparation, on Friday, September 26 we flew into Phoenix. Our friend Gail picked us up and took us to the official GABA (Greater Arizona Bicycling Associaion)  hotel where Spencer set about putting our tandem back together from the two travel […]