Jul 2, 2010

Oregon & Lake Tahoe

On July 29 we began our big biking expedition of the summer. Since we suffered through a miserable spring and early summer, we had very few miles on the bike. We opted therefore to do a fairly short series of rides. We chose Lake Tahoe as our destination.

July 30-31, Salem, Oregon

But before the Tahoe riding, we planned to stop in Salem for Spencer’s 40th reunion. We stayed with our friend Cheri from Camp UKANDU and introduced her to the best dessert in the world, Coconut Bliss. We arranged to meet some classmates in South Salem for a ride on Friday the 30th.

We started that day riding with Mark Williams, a consultant living in  the Bay Area. We headed out south of town toward Parrish Gap. That should have been a clue. Gaps are only necessary if there are hills. And there were hills. (more…)