Oct 27, 2012

Getting around the new website

We had so much fun blogging about our cross-country trip this summer that we just HAD to bring our circa 2001 (very outdated looking) website up to today’s standards. So with much copying / pasting and reorganizing, we’re happy to present our fully updated website. You’ll notice in the old trips that the images mostly each open a new page and you have to click on each one separately. The newer entries and going forward will feature easy-to-use slideshows. What’s nice is that you can easily search the site. And you can look things up by category like seeing all our STP posts or all our NWTR posts, etc. You’ll notice that each section has context relevant sidebars so for instance in the cycling section all the cycling pages are listed in the sidebar in addition to the top navigation.

If you’re joining after following our summer blog, everything is still here. You’ll find it organized by week under Coast to Coast Tour. And if you’ve followed the old site you’ll still find all the old familiar pages about Spencer and Sheila and our life together including things like our food choices, our spiritual path, our cats, and our relationship. The newest stuff is about our big Milestone Celebration that celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, Spencer’s 60th birthday AND the completion of our cross country tour. And of course we have a whole section on ways we all can make a difference.

Another thing that’s nice about the new site that you can now leave comments to share resources and you can subscribe if you want to be kept up to date when we make new posts.So be sure to let us know what you think and what topics you’d like to see us cover in the future. We hope the new format will encourage us to write more. Enjoy!