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Oct 11, 2001

Spencer’s Space

Welcome to my personal pages. You’ll find links here to the portions of my life that don’t include Sheila. At the present time those would be my life as a teacher at Stevens School, my experiences as a staff member at Camp UKANDU, my 50th birthday celebrations (9/02), and my experiences with hearing aids.

You may want to know more about my personal history to get you started. I was born in Salem, Oregon in the fall of 1952. I am part of a family of 9 (five boys and two bossy girls, shown to the left at our parents’ 60th anniversary party) who still enjoy spending time together. My immediate extended family now numbers around 50, although that number keeps going up as nieces and nephews wed and grand-nieces and nephews are born.

I graduated from the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) in 1974, got an MA in Education from SF State University in 1978, and my teaching credential in 1990 from the University of Washington.

My careers have run the gamut from YMCA youth director to crisis counselor to UPS driver to teacher. Oh yes, I waited on a lot of tables in between some of those positions. I’ve been teaching at Stevens Elementary in Seattle since September 1990. I’ve taught second through fifth grades as a classroom teacher. (I think I prefer fourth.) Now I am the Physical Education teacher and work with all grades K-5.

I am a licensed pilot, though I haven’t flown since I decided to become a teacher (too expensive). Besides tandeming, I enjoy playing guitar, doing projects around the house, reading, silk screening t-shirts, building sand castles any time I’m at the beach and of course, I love to nap!

Sep 11, 2011

School Stories

I’ve taught at Stevens Elementary since 1990. I taught third grade for five years, fourth grade for five years and fifth grade for six years. From 2000-2006, I was job-sharing with Colby Dresbeck, the most wonderful co-teacher in the world. For a variety of reasons, most financial, we both switched to full-time employment. Colby is […]

Aug 11, 2011


I worked at Camp UKANDU from 1989 until 2001, then again from 2004 to the present. UKANDU is an American Cancer Society camp (in Oregon) for children with cancer. Being there is a heart-opening experience for me. The kids are always so wonderful. They are all full of life. Their spirit is contagious. They always […]

Sep 11, 2011


I’ve upgraded my hearing aids after five years. I now am wearing Inteo aids from Widex. They do a better job of amplifying than my old Resound aids. Of course the technology has improved dramatically since I got my first set of aids. These allow me to hear much better in the classroom. I’m curious […]

Sep 18, 2002

Spencer Turns 50

You only turn 50 once, so I decided to make this a celebration to remember. As such, I started early, and ended late. Round 1: Family My first party came on September 7. On that day my family gathered in Portland. As it turned out, my niece and nephew Sarah and Aanen needed help putting […]