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Aug 6, 2016

Community mosaic completed

framed-mosaicLast March, 2015 we posted about Sheila winning an AARP Essay Contest and that we were splitting the proceeds between our Banff-Jasper bike tour and creating a mosaic for our community’s entry. The completed mosaic went up a few weeks ago and is all we hoped it to be. It makes a stunning impression as you walk into the corridor from the entry gate. The mirrored tiles reflect the sun differently throughout the day. Many have commented that the photos do not do it justice so we hope you’ll come to see. None-the-less we wanted to document the process here for our friends who may not be able to visit or follow along on our Facebook album.

mosaic-claireAfter meeting a few times with Claire at Seattle Mosaic Arts (shown right) and drafting and refining a design to be executed at the finished size of 8’x8′ we set about learning all the steps necessary. We were lucky to have the Braeburn’s art room to work in and store materials. Beginning September 12, 2015 we started the first of twelve 24″ x 32″ panels. As you’ll see in the slide show below everyone from the community put in some tiles. We finished that round by mid-December then the next phase began. Each pair of panels had to be stitched together then cut apart along grout lines so they could be mounted on the wall and the seams would not be visible. The 12 panels slowly became 17 panels. Spencer and Bill installed the backer board early on when we thought we’d be moving in January. Then we waited. And waited. We finally got our Temporary Certificate of Occupancy mid-June which allowed us official access to do the wall installation. Claire came out with two staff members and three volunteers and in just a couple of hectic hours the crew mounted the panels with cement (see video at bottom). After a few days of drying community members worked together inspired by homemade cinnamon buns and great music to rub on the grout and then clean it off the tiles. It’s only awaiting the dark brown frame and small plaque we’ll be adding in the next couple of weeks.

We hope you’ll enjoy this slideshow of the project and the video one of the staff took when we mounted it.

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Aug 7, 2016

Community is more than the building

It’s been a long six years and a particularly long last six months but we’ve finally arrived. Persistence pays off! We moved into CHUC (Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing) on June 14, 2016. Backstory Spencer and I have long been interested in community and in cohousing. We explored it with our friends Larry & Karin in […]

Mar 1, 2015

AARP Essay Contest

Last summer Sheila happened upon an AARP photo contest about your best vacation ever. She entered the photo of us holding up the tandem at the end of our cross country journey (shown right) and forgot about it. In the fall she was sent a $100 gift card. Not bad. Encouraged by success, when she […]

Feb 14, 2013

1 Billion Rising


Today was Valentine’s Day. We really rolled back the clock on this one. After a day of fussing with computers, we headed to the NE YMCA (now called the University YMCA) where Sheila and I met just over 30 years ago.  A little trip down memory lane. We went to attend a world-wide event – […]

Oct 11, 2001

S2 Joint Stuff

You could call this our hodge-podge area. Here you’ll find the details of our lives that aren’t covered in the Sheila, Spencer or S2Cycle sections. Right now it covers: our bio-diesel car, our Food Choices, including some new developments,  Spirituality, our relationship review and our cats including Morrie’s toilet training and diabetes. We’ve added a […]

Sep 30, 2012


…for making the S2 Milestones Celebration wonderful We’ve setup a Flickr slideshow of the photos we’ve collected. If you have any to add please email them and we’ll add them. Video of Ceremony (13 minutes) If you click this link the video will come up in another window. Or you can simply read the ceremony […]

Jul 4, 2001

Relationship Review

Every year we set aside time between Christmas and New Year’s to do what we call our relationship review. It’s a structured set of questions which we discuss and journal. Then we set both personal and relationship goals for the coming year and beyond. We’ve been doing this process since before we were married. If […]

Dec 30, 1989

Food Choices

Our food choices have shaped our lives dramatically for more than a decade. In 1990 we heard John Robbins speak at the University of Washington. We immediately read his book Diet for a New America and gave up meat, dairy, and eggs on the basis of the environmental destruction those industries cause. We founded the […]

Jul 30, 2007

Eat to Live

We’ve made yet another major change in our eating habits. We’ve been vegan since 1990, but we’ve held the world’s record for vegans eating the fewest vegetables. (In case you don’t know, a vegan diet is one with NO animal products.) That has finally changed. We discovered Eat to Live. It began with Sheila working […]

Sep 30, 2001


We’ve been on a spiritual journey which has led us to Buddhism. We’ve been practicing vipassana (Insight) meditation since 1992. We attend annual week-long silent retreats each summer at Cloud Mountain. Most recently we’ve discovered a teacher, Phillip Moffitt, who combines mindful movement with meditation. That combination has struck a chord in us, as it […]