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Jul 30, 2007

Eat to Live

We’ve made yet another major change in our eating habits. We’ve been vegan since 1990, but we’ve held the world’s record for vegans eating the fewest vegetables. (In case you don’t know, a vegan diet is one with NO animal products.) That has finally changed. We discovered Eat to Live. It began with Sheila working […]

Sep 30, 2001


We’ve been on a spiritual journey which has led us to Buddhism. We’ve been practicing vipassana (Insight) meditation since 1992. We attend annual week-long silent retreats each summer at Cloud Mountain. Most recently we’ve discovered a teacher, Phillip Moffitt, who combines mindful movement with meditation. That combination has struck a chord in us, as it […]

Mar 30, 2005


Sheila’s Dad, Jerry Hoffman died November 14, 2004 Allen Jerome (Jerry) Hoffman died November 14, 2004, at the age of 79 in Aventura, Florida after an 18 month battle with cancer. Born May 15, 1925, in New York, a son of Gertrude (Meisel) and Joseph Hoffman, he is a former resident of Middletown, Rhode Island. […]

Sep 30, 2009

Historical Cat Overview

Khubie: The World’s Most Wonderful Cat Khubie, (aka Khubla Khan, The Big Unit, The Tank, The King of All Cats, The Mayor of John Street, The Gravel Truck, The Big Guy, His Sublime Feline Majesty) died September 7, 2001 due to complications from kidney failure. He retained his charm until the very end, even befriending […]

Apr 15, 2002


You can jump back to the historical overview of our cats including Khubie and Misha as well as an introduction to Morrie. Since downsizing to the condo Morrie has been our only feline friend. Here’s what’s new with Morrie since 2008. Toilet Training Early this year we decided to toilet train him. Yes, you heard […]

Sep 9, 2001


Khubie was the greatest cat EVER! We adopted him from Dov & Brynn Sugarman when they were going overseas. The photos below show some of his many friends. The ones with the blue wrapped paw was his 17th birthday party in March of 2001. We gave him sub-cutaneous fluids for six months. He was still […]

Jan 30, 2006

S2 On the Move!

S2 sold their house of 20 years in Sept. 2005 & in Jan. 2006 moved into The Braeburn This all  started over spring break, 2004, when we visited Tucson. We began thinking about having a place we could winter in. The theory was that we could get enough by selling our house to buy something […]

May 30, 2006

Jetta TDI runs BioDiesel

One of the reasons we downsized is because we want to live more lightly on the earth. For that reason we’ve coveted the Toyota hybrid car, the Prius. We had decided if we got what we wanted for the house we would look into a buying a new car. The process of exploring was a […]