Several of us have been talking for some time about how to best use our energies to change the world. A lot of the answer depends on what you mean by “best”, “use”, “our energies”, “change”, and “world”. But does it have to be that daunting?

Perhaps. But is that any reason to fail to at least explore the problems and possible solutions? The answer to that is a definite, no.

It just so happens I have my eyes on a problem I’d like to get more people talking about. Perhaps you do, too. Wouldn’t it be great if our problems were related and we could work on both at once? We’ll never know if we don’t start talking about them.

So here’s my idea. How about if we create a forum to bring forward problems, with or without solutions for the moment. Lord knows we have plenty to choose from. So why not send a list of what you think the 3 biggest problems are which require a “change” in your “world”?

Eventually, I’d like us to share ideas about topics. So, as an example, I’m going to tell you three of my questions. I’ll expand on the first. I invite you to comment on it, as well.

  1. How do we reform our democracy so it works for the people?
  2. How do we ensure all people are treated with justice?
  3. How do we ensure the ecosystem is healthy enough to support all life?

I invite you to comment, make suggestions to improve the questions or point at possible solutions, disagree wildly with whether these are important, or suggest your own areas of concern. I only ask that you be open, honest, and caring in how you respond. Everyone who initially gets this link is a friend. If it gets spread around, which I hope it will, I’ll still wager that everyone who gets it is human and therefore worthy of respect and caring.

Here’s a starting place.

Our government isn’t our own anymore. The elected officials at the national level are not beholden to the voters, they are beholden to the people with money. I invite you to watch this TED talk which lays out what I feel is a compelling line of reasoning.

Lawrence Lessig has formed an organization called Rootstrikers to get at this problem. Right now it seems as though the main purpose of the organization is to raise people’s awareness. It’s not active enough for me. I wonder how I can get more people talking about this corruption and implementing ways to stop it?

Because, in my view, we can stop it. There isn’t that much money involved in state and city politics. Individuals CAN still make a difference there. Some states already have public-financed elections as do some municipalities. That’s both a a good start and a good example. We should build on these.

What did you think? Let’s get started. Let’s talk.

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