No one can do everything. Everyone can do something.

That quote comes from the website We Add Up. It’s been our motto for a long time. Since 1990 we’ve chosen a plant-based diet because it’s better for the environment. Last year we started eating more locally. Our resources section is full of great links.

Cooler Smarter - Practical Steps for Low-Carbon LivingSince 2003 we’ve driven a biodiesel car. This year our commitment to making a difference has taken a new turn. When we decided to cancel our bicycle trip to New Zealand it became important to us to spread the word about flying less. So we’ve elevated these pages to the top navigation of our website in hopes more folks will find and read about some of these fabulous ways they can choose to make a difference starting with flying less!

Recently we joined the union of Concerned Scientists and got the book Cooler Smarter: Practical Steps for Lower Carbon Living

January 26, 2018 we participated as volunteers in the King County one-day count of homeless. This is a Seattle Times article about it including the photo of us at a volunteer training.

Let's get to work.