If you have been diagnosed with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis, as Sheila has, and don’t want to take Fosamax, there is a new weight vest that can add to your bone density. By adding weight high on the body your bone gets stronger while you walk, exercise or do chores. There is a lot of great info and research on this site.

To learn more about Osteoporosis and why you might not want to take Fosamax, read this article from Alternative Medicine Magazine, 4/2007, Bones of Contention by James Keough. Here’s a PDF copy of the same article.

And here’s what Joel Fuhrman, MD has to say on Osteoporosis. He offers a simple 10 exercise video you can do anywhere without props to build strong muscles therefore strong bones. And this is a newer hour-long audio with Michael Klaper, MD doing a Q&A on osteoporosis. It’s targeted to a vegan audience but full of useful information.

your-bonesYour Bones: How You Can Prevent Osteoporosis & Have Strong Bones for Life Naturally by Lara Pizzorno

“The information is presented in a straightforward and easy-to-read style that will be understandable to lay readers. Consumer(s)…looking for [a] book about the natural ways to prevent osteoporosis would do well to choose this title.” —Library Journal

“Lara Pizzorno emphatically raises the red flag on conventional bone medicine…. Highlighting natural prevention and treatment strategies for different situations, Your Bones offers uncomplicated scientific advice for bone health.” —Spirit of Change Magazine

There are several good articles by Lara Pizzorno on the supplement AlgaeCal‘s website. is now my supplement of choice.


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