March 7, 2023
This has been a challenging year. First it was the tandem being stolen in January and now I have pneumonia. It started as a regular cold and a week in, instead of going away, it morphed into an ugly configuration of symptoms that I won’t detail. Suffice it to say I’m grateful for my sweetie and my community as they’ve been here for me. And the antibiotics are doing their thing. I complete those on Thursday and then I’m facing this projection for returning to normalcy! I’m OK and hanging in. Improving daily though it’s a bit of a roller coaster. This too shall pass. It could be worse.

March 11, 2023

Thank you to all my friends for your love and support while I’ve been sick. I wanted to let you know how I’m doing after a week of antibiotics. I wasn’t sure if I posted this on the original post if you’d see it so I’m starting a new one AND posting it on the thread. A lot of folks don’t read unless there’s an image to catch attention.
Antibiotics are quite miraculous. It was a roller coaster week but I’d say I’m about 80% better. Because of my history of asthma my lungs are going to take awhile to get better. But I’m back to eating pretty normally and yesterday I went outside for the first time in a week. For someone who tries to get 10K steps daily, I don’t think I got that many the entire week I was sick! But yesterday I walked a flat 4K steps! I’m on my way to recovery!

March 18, 2023
Today I’m counting my blessings AND my steps! It’s been two weeks since my pneumonia diagnosis. The first week the antibiotics knocked out the pneumonia and the intense and evolving symptoms. The second week the probiotics worked on the mess my gut has been. I started walking outdoors this week, gradually extending the distance. Yesterday I managed to break my daily goal of 10K steps. I’m feeling like I’m just about there. I still need to build up my stamina but cycling is definitely in my near future.

So here’s my big AHA this morning. As a female in this country I grew up with the message “love your body”. I always thought of that as what I look like in the mirror. NOT! This morning I had this HUGE wave of gratitude for how well my body heals itself (with a nod to the pharmaceutical). Our bodies are simply miraculous. I put mine through SO much, and yet, I continue to heal and be well. May you also heal and be well.
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