Pride & Joy: The Lives and Passions of Women Without Children by Terri Casey

I am excited to tell you that my personal story has been included as a chapter in a book titled Pride and Joy: The Lives and Passions of Women Without Children by Terri Casey, published by Beyond Words Publishing, Inc., Fall 1998.

From the  press-release:
Pride and Joy is a collection of interviews with 25 women who have chosen not to have children. In lively stories and vivid voices, these diverse narrators talk proudly of their contributions to their communities, causes, and families, and they speak joyfully of intimate relationships with husbands and partners, of family and friends, work, volunteer and leisure activities, solitude, and connections with children. Their stories dispel the social myth that women must have a child to be happy, and they debunk the stereotypes of childless women.

Friends and family members are eligible for a special discount. The cover price is $14.95. You can get it for $12 with no shipping or handling by calling 800-284-9673. (In Oregon call 503-531-8700) or email them at Be sure to tell them you get the friends and family offer (good only in the USA). You can also buy the book from

As a teaser, here are the sub-headings of my chapter:

“Big fish in a little pond”
“I could be and do anything I wanted”
“Been there, done that”
“I could have a child x years old now.”
“Exploring our purpose in life”
“Creating a family”
“A model of something that’s working”
“Leading a fulfilling life”

If you’d like to read my chapter in full you may download a Word document or a PDF version. You’ll need the free Acrobat Reader to read the PDF version.


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