Save the date – Saturday, December 7 we celebrate

The plan is to have 3 separate events! You may choose to attend as many or as few as you wish. At the moment I’m asking folks to save the date and to respond to this simple survey to help me with the planning. NOTE – this is NOT an RSVP! There will be an eVite later. Details are still developing so these are loose times and ideas. The goal is to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules before the holiday season kicks into high gear and to have ample time to have face-to-face visits with my friends.

  • Brunch: 9 AM to noon – pancakes, cinnamon rolls, fruit, mimosas, etc.
  • Open House: 1:30  to 5 PM – there’ll be cake all day and time for quiet visits and a puzzle table
  • Game Night: 7 to 11 PM – there’ll still be cake and time for quiet visits but we’ll also have lots of games out as well as the puzzle table

I value my relationship with you so your presence is all the gift I want/need. Please NO gifts or cards. I am working on a plan for folks who feel the need to do something to bring small items for Elizabeth Gregory Home which is a local day shelter for homeless women. I recently did a pro bono website makeover for them.

Don’t forget the simple survey…. do it before you look at the photos!

The images below are in chronological order. If you click on the first one you can view them as a slideshow.


National Cohousing Conference - Portland