I recently spent a week in Chicago with my niece who is half my age. I wanted to visit to support  her. I timed the visit to attend her monthly talk show. As it turned out I was interviewed as part of it. She’s more like me than the rest of her family, which was reinforced as we spent the week walking and talking and continuously finding more ways we are alike. Shaina is a free-thinker, visual artist and musician. The Google Map summary of my week in Chicago tells the story! We walked a LOT and used public transport, rarely in a car. Don’t miss the photos at the end. Friends may request a link to the 26 minute video of my interview.

Jan 29 – I arrived from O’Hare via the L’s Blue Line to California. Shaina met me and we walked to the nearby vegan restaurant for dinner, the Chicago Diner – Meat Free since 1983! Yummy.

Jan 30First full day in Chicago and it was so very FULL. Walked 7 miles. We spent a lot of time talking while walking and viewing the Chicago Cultural Center and the Chicago Art Institute. The Gun Violence Memorial Exhibit was on display. Amazing public art and so many famous/familiar artists. Tonight we ended with dinner at the restaurant Shaina works at, Dos, and it was so good.

Jan 31Another day of walking. We went to Wicker Park for yoga at Nature Yoga Sanctuary, then had excellent vegan ice cream at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

Feb 1 – Another amazing day in Chicago. We had lunch at the newly opened vegan Jewish deli Sam & Gerties. Very crowded and EXCELLENT food. We went to Kal’ish next door, owned by the same family, so also vegan, and enjoyed AMAZING vegan tiramisu! Then we headed over to The Green Mill for an afternoon of the live magazine the Paper Machete. It was a unique and rich variety show that included songs by Kate Adams, daughter of longtime friends Martha Jolly and Guy B Adams. We walked 12 miles today! Pretty worn out!

Feb 2Today was sunny and 50+ degrees… We met Kate for lunch in her neighborhood at Cafe Jumping Bean and had a lovely visit. And since it’s Chicago it was WINDY! check out the flags on Soldier Field down by Lake Michigan.

Feb 3Another sunny day in Chicago! Tonight is Shaina’s monthly live show so she needed to prep. After a lazy morning we met for lunch and then I headed to the Garfield Park Conservatory. It’s enormous and lovely. There was an art class here painting. Loved the Chihully lilies in the koi pond. It’s been a fabulous week together. Only slightly nervous about being on the show tonight. Friends may request a link to the 26 minute video of my interview.

You may click on the first photo to see them larger and view as a slide show…

Like an Arrow - Song
Total Hip Replacement