Welcome to my personal pages. You’ll find links here to the portions of my life that don’t include Spencer. At the present time those would be stuff about my body image and body work including yoga, my inclusion in the book Pride & Joy and both my 50th birthday party (Dec,. ‘99) and my 60th surprise party.

You may want to know more about my personal history to get you started. I was born in Newport, Rhode Island in December, 1949. My only sibling, Ric is five years younger then me and lives with his wife and three daughters in the house we grew up in. We spent a week together during our New England tandem tour in 2001. Mom was living in Del Rey Beach, Florida, where she and my Dad retired. Dad passed away in November, 2004. In February of 2012 we moved her up to Rhode Island so she’s close to family. She’s thriving there. I generally make a trip to visit Mom annually. We threw a family reunion and celebration of Mom’s life in May 2014. That’s my brother Ric with Mom and I when we visited her in Florida a few years ago after she’d fallen and broken a few bones. She thrived in RI until December 23, 2017 when she passed away in her sleep, two weeks before her 92 birthday. Read about all of our parents.

I graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 1971 with a BS in Textiles and Clothing. I never worked in the field, instead going directly overseas to serve as a Recreation Center Director for the US Army in Korea and Germany. After eight years overseas I returned to the US and worked for the YMCA in Arizona for a year and then in Seattle for five more years. After that I spent three years as Program Director for the Seattle Center, creating their Winterfest and annual Ice Rink (among other events). Then I started my first business, Community Events Management. I produced the NW Aids Foundations walk-a-thon in 1988 and wrote their operations manual. After several years of large-scale community events I transitioned my business to graphic design.

You can see samples of my print and web design work at my business website. Since 2009 my focus has been on building custom WordPress sites for clients and then training them so they can maintain them themselves. I love the flexibility of working at home. Though having one’s own business is always a bit of a roller-coaster ride.

Besides tandeming, I enjoy anything computer-related (I’m a geek) and of course I love doing yoga and reading. These images are of my first and only attempt at rock-climbing in December of 2002 at the REI Flagship store.

I was the first elected board member to the Braeburn condo board when we first moved in, early 2006. We were founding members of our cohousing community on Capitol Hill. We broke ground in the fall of 2014 and moved in mid-June 2016. The six years invested in creating community has paid off. We love living in our intergenerational community and sharing three meals a week together.

Sheila turns 50 in style
Pride & Joy