Today was Valentine’s Day. We really rolled back the clock on this one. After a day of fussing with computers, we headed to the NE YMCA (now called the University YMCA) where Sheila and I met just over 30 years ago.  A little trip down memory lane.

We went to attend a world-wide event – 1 Billion Rising. It is a dance protest to stand against violence against women. Violence that will see 1 Billion women become victims of violence in their lives. We need to break that chain. People in more than 200 countries around the world participated in flash mobs and other organized dances. You can see our group below.


After we danced for 30 minutes, Sheila and I went back to Capitol Hill and ate at Qdoba Mexican Food where we got two for one burritos for kissing while in line! What a deal!

Closed our our evening by sharing chocolates with our meditation group while discussing Loving-kindness. I shared stories of my mom and her “favorites”. That’s the best example of loving-kindness I can think of.

It was a great evening. Memories, dancing, (bargain) dining, chocolate, meditation, and love. All wrapped up in this precious moment.

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