Sep 09


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Khubie was the greatest cat EVER! We adopted him from Dov & Brynn Sugarman when they were going overseas. The photos below show some of his many friends. The ones with the blue wrapped paw was his 17th birthday party in March of 2001. We gave him sub-cutaneous fluids for six months. He was still socializing on his way to the vet to be put down the Friday before 9/11.

Thanks to all of you who made it to Khubie’s 17th birthday celebration.  A good time was had by all. In addition, Khubie received a couple of fabulous cards. George & Julene couldn’t come but their card said: “There are no ordinary cats (Colette)…But there ARE Extraordinary Cats!

And of course Khubie’s first parents, Dov & Brynn (shown here) told many stories of his childhood. Here’s what their card said:

Dear Khubla Khan,
We remember with love the kitten who captured our hearts and continued to charm us for so many years. The kitty who answered the phone, opened and closed doors by their handles, climbed up wall tapestries to the ceiling, pounced on belt “snakes” with such ardor, overdosed on thawing chicken, caused such a commotion eating mouse poison on our Kibbutz during the harvest, captured the attention and admiration of a Druze Village, and basically has spent his life attracting fans wherever he has gone. You are a BodiSahtva feline and we feel blessed to have shared this particular lifetime with you. We are also grateful that you’ve had such a wonderful home and family these past 7 years.

Happy 17th Darling! Love, The Sugarman’s

PS: A donation has been made to the World Wildlife Fund in your honor.


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