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Click to enlargeYou can jump back to the historical overview of our cats including Khubie and Misha as well as an introduction to Morrie. Since downsizing to the condo Morrie has been our only feline friend. Here’s what’s new with Morrie since 2008.

Toilet Training

Early this year we decided to toilet train him. Yes, you heard correctly! There are wonderful support groups and commercial devices to aid in this process. The biggest advantage is no more buying and cleaning up litter. We’ve had our ups and downs with the process and 9 months into it we’re feeling optimistic we’ll complete the process. Morrie uses the dedicated spare commode without fail. We still need to continue to enlarge the hole until there’s no more device there to hold the dwindling supply of litter. If you’re in complete disbelief and/or just want some great laughs check out the videos of successfully toilet trained cats. When Morrie developed diabetes, we stopped training him and never went back. But in case this interests you here are some useful  links:Click to enlarge


In other cat news Morrie was diagnosed with diabetes on September 24, 2008. As you can imagine this was a bit of a shock. We’d taken him in because he’d gone from weighing 18+ to under 13 in the last two years. The learning curve was steep. The most fabulous online resource is the Feline Diabetes Forum. While there are others, you’ll find all the support and information in this one place. Our first decision was whether to spend $200 on an animal calibrated glucose meter or use a human meter (for free). We learned on the forum that using a human one would be just fine. We also learned how lucky we are to have a vet that encouraged home testing. This gives us more information about how Morrie’s blood glucose level is responding to the twice daily insulin shots so we can appropriately adjust his dose. We’ve settled into a routine with Sheila taking blood at 6 am and Spencer doing it at 6 pm. In the short-term, while still gathering information we’re running “curves” each Sunday which means taking blood every two hours for a full cycle. WHEW! Like I said, a big learning curve. We’re hopeful that by the time we’re ready to leave for a week-long bike ride or meditation retreat that our regular cat sitters will be able to just administer insulin and not have to worry about drawing blood. That’s a lot to ask.

We’re THRILLED to report that as of January 15, 2009 Morrie has gone completely OFF insulin. After two plus weeks with no insulin he’s officially in remission and diet controlled.

Morrie went “OTJ”* Jan 15, 2009

* OTJ means Off the Juice.

Click to enlargeThanks to the Feline Diabetes Message Board and especially to Team J (JoJo and Jill) in LantusLand, we closely monitored Morrie’s blood glucose levels and adjusted his insulin levels to keep him “SURFING”  in the “healing zone” (under 120). With many ups and downs, hundreds of ear pricks and dozens of sleep-deprived nights, we managed to wean him off the insulin by allowing his pancreas to heal (ONLY cats have this ability). We’re grateful that Morrie is feeling frisky again, has his silky coat back and is healthy. We’re also grateful to be getting more sleep and to be able to go out at night without worrying.

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