Thanks for making the S2 Milestones Celebration wonderful

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Video of Ceremony (13 minutes)

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Many of you complimented the food so I wanted to be sure to acknowledge Personal Chef Rachel Duboff of Thyme to Nourish.

And here are a few of the wonderful wishes we received….

Fabulous party. I left feeling full–physically and spiritually. Thank you so much for including me. —Joyce

It was a wonderful party! I’m sorry I couldn’t stay later and schmooze some more. Great food, great people, and you two really are so inspirational. I was honored to be there among your special communities. —Wendy L

Thanks for orchestrating such an inspiring demonstration of community! XOXO. —Paulette

What a fabulous evening. So much fun, I loved every minute and what a terrific setting! Talked to your sister-in-law, she hurried me outside to secretly show me the gift she got for Spencer! She remembers me and our visit there and the crystal ball we gave her, which she still has!! And Wendy Lippmann was wonderful to visit with, as was Mary Anne! You two look radiantly happy!!! Congratulations!!! Indeed glorious!!!! As was the party, such happiness, you could feel it everywhere!

A huge, bright rainbow was arching across the sky when I left. Good sign! Gorgeous sign from nature that your life is a gift from the universe!!! Celebratory day in so many ways…love to you both and your butterfly! Congratulations again, you both are loved and treasured in our lives, what a wonderful community of good spirits there. —Wendy T

The event and facility was simply gorgeous. Kudos to you and Spencer for having such a beautiful vision to make it an event that was clearly so reflective of you and what is important to you. I felt really blessed to have been a part of it. —Rachel

Spencer and Sheila, you really know how to throw a fun party. We had a great time last night. There was such a positive energy in the room. We have never before been to a party and felt like we belonged and felt welcomed by all the other guests like we did last night. I feel honored that you chose me to represent the ETC part of your community in holding your Chuppah. We hope someday to play Spenceopoly. That is the best birthday gift we have ever seen. Thank you, — Thyce & Amy PS The food was amazing.

Hi Spencer & Sheila! Reflecting on inner and outer journeys we celebrate you, your tenacity and clarity for life directions.

We enjoy our feelings this Sunday morning from the wonderful celebration of your recommitment of life together, your birthday Spencer and your great bicycle journey. We were moved by your deep personal sharing during the re-commitment ceremony. We appreciate the commitment and generosity you give to each other and to your community. As we review our journey with you we find much to celebrate in terms of understanding why we eat the food we eat and the manner we live in community. We have known your clarity, self-confidence, playfulness and organization and yesterday our images expanded to included a svelte Spencer and a glamorous Sheila. Thank you for the meaningful sharing of yourselves and generous inclusion of community. — Sid &Carole

It was an absolute pleasure to be there Spencer. You have a wonderful community and I felt honored to be part of it and to have a daughter who has benefited from having your genes!!! Amazing resemblances! Whew! Seriously, she was in charge of packing the prop truck after each show this summer because she was so good at it!! So funny!!! I hope the amazing glow of the day (not to mention the rainbow!!) continues for you and Sheila for many days! —Fran

Congratulations to you! What a wonderful party and tribute to the both of you. It was so cool to see and meet so many of your friends who clearly think of you as the stars that light the universe! The location was lovely, the re-commitment ceremony beautiful, all in all a wonderful day. So glad we could be there to share this day. Hope you are home basking in all the glory the day had to bring. —Love to you, Em

Wonderful beautiful gathering Sheila et Spencer. I’m sorry Arden couldn’t be there so we could share the experience. Enjoyed meeting all the different folks – no surprise that so many were very outgoing and easy to talk to. Welcome back and bon voyage on your next journey – co-housing! —Eric

Let us live…what we believe. You two embody this better than anyone we know! —MASH & John

S&S you are an amazing duo! We love your tenacity, energy, and humor and your commitment to nourishing your own lives and the lives of those around you near and far. May you continue to share adventure and challenges, love and joy for many more years to come. May the love your community hold you in its warm embrace all your days. —George & Julene

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