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Aug 18, 2012

Atlantic at last

  • Durham, NH to Gloucester, MA
  • 63.8 miles
  • 4,291.5 miles total
  • 150,836′ of climbing total
  • Rain and sun and drizzle

We did it! We made it to the Atlantic Ocean on our own power! Woo hoo! What an accomplishment. We are ever so proud of ourselves and the entire cadre of cyclists we’ve been riding with all summer. That includes those who, for many reasons, couldn’t finish the ride. Life throws curve balls and one nailed a member of our team today. Jon from Idaho, a sweetheart of a guy, went down hard while crossing a railroad track 8 miles into today’s ride. He was unconscious for 2 minutes, but the doctors say he’ll be OK. He’ll have to finish the trip another time. He was being properly cautious from all accounts, but got caught anyway. We wish him a speedy recovery.

But let’s get back to the start of our story. Last night we ate at the University of New Hampshire – Durham. The food court was as big as a football field. They had everything you could imagine – burgers, ribs, salads, make your own stir-fry, desserts galore including fresh hot cookies. They had plenty of options for vegans, gluten-free people, etc. It was heaven after a long string of less than adequate meals on the road. Breakfast was just as good except they put chocolate chips in their pancakes. What a travesty. Leave the chips in the cookies, please.

It was raining steadily as we left. The plan was to get the whole group to the Gloucester High School which is one mile from the place we were going to dip our tires in the Atlantic. When the whole group got there, we’d get a police escort and go. Everyone was raring to go. We started in heavy raincoats and booties, but by 10 we’d slipped out of them because the rain had virtually stopped. It was in the first 8 miles that Jon fell. Motorists and cyclists helped him until the aid car came. After that, most people were much more cautious about the wet roads. Ric from Monroe fell and scrapped himself up only a mile or so from Jon’s accident. There was one more accident today. Alex, one of the Smyth-Osbornes, had dipped his tire and was riding back to the gym when a car hit him and bent his front tire. Fortunately Alex is OK, but his bike will need the wheel replaced before he can ride it again.

Our trip was uneventful. The rain made everything feel more homey. The towns were quintessential New England towns with town squares, gazebos, colonnaded porches, majestic city halls, classic stone walls, etc. Sheila felt right at home. We eventually arrived at Gloucester and crossed the “not quite” finish line at the school. Other riders cheered us in. Greg gave us all red, white and blue plastic leis. We signed the pavement and waited for the last arrivals, cheering on our comrades as they arrived.

When we all were in, we lined up behind a police car for the trip to the beach. Gloucester is having a waterfront festival this weekend, so we needed it to be able to navigate the throngs of cars and people. Locals were all wondering what the to do was about as we swarmed like lemmings to the Atlantic, the promised sea following the arrows used by the crew to get us to our final destination.

There was much joyous tire dipping. We smooched and don’t you love the look on Tim’s face? He’s like a grown son we never had. When we stood in the water and raised the tandem high, we were unconquerable. Leaving the water we had conversations with locals about what we’d done, why, how, and where. It was the first time we had to recap the whole trip in a few minutes. We’ll get more experience, but if you have been following the blog, you know the stories will go on and on and on.

Tonight we’re going on a whale watching tour after dinner. It’s the final celebration for all the coast-to-coasters and their friends and family.

Aug 17, 2012

The penultimate day

Everyone is getting more excited about finishing off this journey. We were all up and out of the craft barn before 6:10 even though they didn’t open the doors to breakfast until 6:30. Most ate quickly and hit the road. It’s our next to the last day. Some people are openly tired of the trip. […]

Aug 16, 2012

The rain in Maine….

Last night we got a message on our blog from Marianne B. who had done the Coast to Coast tour ten years ago and was reliving it through our blog. She lives near Crawford’s Notch and planned on meeting us when we arrived at picnic. That was interesting and exciting. Now we have a new […]

Aug 15, 2012

New Hampshire – 11th state

The weather people got it right last night. However, that was bad for us since they predicted heavy rain. And we got heavy rain beginning at 1 AM until at least 3:30. Fortunately our little tent kept us cozy and dry, though the noise on the roof kept us awake quite awhile. It didn’t do […]

Aug 14, 2012

A Notch in our belt

Last night we met up with my good Camp UKANDU friend Drool (James) Moore and his partner Frankie while we were in Burlington. We had a lovely Thai dinner, then they sprang for Coconut Bliss at the local green grocer. We took it down to Lake Champlain and ate it while the sun went down. […]

Aug 13, 2012

Hello, New England!

Today was the shortest ride of the tour. It was so short we delayed breakfast a full hour, not leaving Lake Placid until after 8. Such luxury. We headed out with our new tandem buddies, Roland and Judy from Connecticut. They had to scratch their own self-guided tour this week and opted to join our […]

Aug 11, 2012

Into the Adirondacks

After yesterday’s day of rain, we were greatly pleased to see dry pavement this morning and throughout the day. It was a perfect day to ride. The sky was lightly overcast most of the day which kept the temperatures down. Everyone local who we talked to told us it was supposed to rain all day, […]

Aug 10, 2012

Climbing to Star Lake

Today’s post began yesterday. There was reportedly to be no communication coverage at Star Lake. It is too far from anything. This blog began in Watertown last night while we were preparing for a severe storm. Sheila and I were safely in the school. The road is slated to go up pretty steadily, gaining most […]

Aug 9, 2012

Bicentennial Daze

Here’s a travel tip for you. When camping at high schools in the summer, arrange it so you aren’t camping during band camp. Imagine 60 odd high schoolers banging on drums, xylophones, cymbals and any other kind of musical instrument you can imagine until 9 pm. Then, of course, they have to carouse in the […]

Aug 8, 2012

More Fingers and a Great Lake

We woke today knowing the ride was to be significantly shorter than the last couple. We were supposed to only do 77 miles. Of course, we had to add a little adventure once we got into town to stretch that out, but it was all good. The sun was out all day. We never got […]