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Jul 12, 2003

One Day Seattle to Portland

Saturday, July 12, 2003 STP Ride Report

We had been planning to do the one-day STP faster ever since last year’s ride. We decided to get a larger group of tandems, practice more, get fitter, and be stronger.  We were successful in all of those except the practicing more as a team. The day of the ride dawned and we still hadn’t even met everyone we’d be riding with. Oh well. The best laid plans…..

Click to see early morning start group largerOur team (sans Monte and Christian, who were starting at the UW) met at our house at 4 a.m. on Saturday, July 12. We were: Dave and Kelly (who had trained with us the previous year), Vincent and Bonnie (whom we hadn’t all met until then), Don and James on their recumbent tandem, Sheila and I, and our stellar tailgunner, Jay. I had decorated our bike with white Christmas lights to add some fun for the gloomy morning hours. It was so warm that we doffed our jackets and leg warmers. We were going to go light and fast! We set off at 4:30. (more…)

Jul 13, 2002

Seattle to Portland STP 2002

We recorded another S2 Cycling milestone July 13, 2002, as we completed our first one-day STP. We rode 200 miles at a 19 mph pace as we traveled backroads from Seattle to Portland. That is about 55,440 pedal strokes. (Aren’t computers grand?) We rode with a team of folks from Evergreen Tandem Club. There were […]

Jul 14, 2001

2001 STP

In 2001 we rode a lot of back-to-back days on the weekends including rides in Richland, Vancouver, Millersylvania, Camano Island, all over, really. We did 123 miles at the Pendleton version of the NWTR even though Sheila was sick the first day. We were more ready for our STP experience this year than last year […]

Jul 8, 2000

S2Cycle does 2000 miles in year 2000

After our first season on our used tandem we knew we loved the sport and would like to set the goal of riding the STP (Seattle to Portland) this year. The 200-mile, two-day ride requires a good bit of training, so we decided to trade in our used tandem for a new one built-to-fit. In […]