Day 5: 0 miles

Today was an optional out and back ride from Ucluelet to Toffino. Are you kidding? Did you think we were going to ride again after our last day? We took this day off completely. We did laundry, found a motel room (Sheila’s back was killing her), surfed the internet, napped, got massages, struck the tent in the dry afternoon, and had another remarkable meal at the Canadian Princess.

It was remarkable that a resort could serve such poor fare. The breakfast they gave us was cold cereal in little boxes, orange-colored water, and danishes smothered in cream cheese. Dinner was little better. Frozen mixed vegetables, egg-sized potatoes, and a plain Boca Burger. Dessert was sliced strawberries. An improvement.

Many people had taken whale-watching trips or hiked the beaches or ridden to the tourist town of Toffino. We didn’t. We needed nothing but rest.

It was this day that we learned about another couple from Seattle who were killed while riding their tandem near Lake Louise. The similarities were scary. She was the same age as Sheila, worked in the Seattle School District, and they were celebrating 21 years of marriage. We’re celebrating 20 years together in September. They were hit from behind by a truck which had crossed the fogline to navigate a turn. I’m so sorry for their families.

We finally watched a stage of the Tour de France that night. It was an exciting ride with a breakaway that successfully made it to the finish line. Lance still seemed to be struggling, but continued to wear the yellow jersey. Then we slept a blissful sleep. We wanted to be fresh for the attack of the relentless hills the next day.

Port Alberni to Ucluelet
Ucluelet to Port Alberni