• Missoula to Lincoln, MT
  • 79.4 miles
  • 39.2 top speed
  • Headwinds and HOT – 89 degrees

Today we started our journey anew. About 17 new riders have joined us and a half dozen have left. We number about 80 this week.  Our first stage of week two takes us further east in Montana. We got a leisurely start because the course went right by our motel. The early morning was lovely with great scenery and gentle roads. Greg from the UK tagged onto our tail and followed us for almost 10 miles. That was fun.

Alex & WilliamSpencer & Sheila in the river

We were rolling along the Blackfoot River most of the morning. Small scrub forests traded places with tall stands of pines. The river meandered alongside whispering its stories of exploration. When we got to our lunch stop, we were able to walk down and wade in a ways. Alex and William actually brought their swim suits and floated along in the current. Lots of rafts were putting in for the fisherfolk to do their thing. It was quite idyllic.

After we left lunch (about 11 AM) the day turned more challenging. The landscape opened up which meant the winds had more room to blow. And they blew right in our faces most of the time. So even when we were on the flat, we were no longer speeding along.

panoramaTo make matters more difficult, the sun was beating on us. We stopped twice to reapply sunscreen. Even though we were in our sandals and sleeveless tops, we were roasting. At one point Sheila tried to be nice and spray water on my feet. Unfortunately, she didn’t warn me and I was scared to death. After that, she always asked first before applying water.

Spencer putting up the tentWe still had to take regular breaks for taking in and getting rid of water. That allowed us to rest our weary butt muscles. They are doing better, though. And my quads, at least, are also much less sore. Maybe it’s our careful eating, but I think we are probably adjusting to the routines of breaking camp, riding, eating, riding, drinking, riding, setting up camp, sleep, repeat. It sounds boring that way, but we’re enjoying it tremendously. People we talk to are universally thrilled and excited for us. And the support we feel from all of you helps a lot too. See you tomorrow in Townsend, Montana.

Wind wins