• Watertown to Star Lake, NY
  • 62 miles/3,815 total
  • 3,000′ elevation gain
  • Limited internet at the top

Today’s post began yesterday. There was reportedly to be no communication coverage at Star Lake. It is too far from anything. This blog began in Watertown last night while we were preparing for a severe storm. Sheila and I were safely in the school.

The road is slated to go up pretty steadily, gaining most of the 3,000′ we gained today. There won’t be much to do in Star Lake since it has one bar and one convenience store. Our caterer is having to come in from way out of town to feed us. That’ll be good.

UPDATE from Star Lake: We have some limited wifi access that may die at any moment.  Today started overcast but dry but quickly changed to Seattle-like rain, light but constant. It wasn’t cold which was good. Picnic was at a park with a shelter, also good. After picnic the climbing picked up so we had to remove our rain gear, too hot. That means we got pretty wet the last third of the day. The photo shows us at a water stop by a sign that says Adirondack Region. We haven’t needed rain gear in a long time. We’ve been very lucky.

There was a bakery marked on our cue sheet for 10 miles before picnic. Everyone took advantage of the opportunity to get out of the rain and have a treat. We enjoyed a cinnamon roll with tea. You can see we took over the entire bakery until they ran out of food.

Oh, and last night at the school the local FOX affiliate came out and did a fluff piece on us riding across country during the hottest July on record! You can see some of our fellow cyclists.

Bicentennial Daze
Into the Adirondacks