• Star Lake to Lake Placid, NY
  • 71.8 miles/3,887 total
  • 3,550′ of gain/132,461′ total
  • No rain! Lots of hills!

After yesterday’s day of rain, we were greatly pleased to see dry pavement this morning and throughout the day. It was a perfect day to ride. The sky was lightly overcast most of the day which kept the temperatures down. Everyone local who we talked to told us it was supposed to rain all day, but somehow, it never did.


It was a day of climbing without really going anywhere. We only gained about 300′ in absolute elevation from beginning to end, so most of the climbing we did was rewarded with equal downs. THAT’S the way to do it. Most of the climbs were gentle, but those which were steeper had steeper downs to compensate. We often broke 40 mph. In addition to giving us a boost up the next climb, that kind of a descent gives us a mental boost to keep struggling up the hard ones

There are a lot of lakes in the Adirondacks. Every where you turn there’s another body of water. This being Saturday, there were people heading out for boat rides or fishing trips. We saw bunches¬† of people hitting the hiking trails, too. This is definitely a vacation destination.

We spotted a couple of interesting sights while climbing today. One was this beaver dam which has now been co-opted by local fisher-folk as the best place to start trolling. Another was this stand of evergreen trees. For some reason the bark seems to be missing on more than 2/3 of the trunks. They remind me of Pacific Madrones which lose their bark annually. They look perfectly healthy other than the bark.

We cruised into Lake Placid in the early afternoon and found Daria (shown with us below) waiting for us. Daria is one of our blog followers who came to us via our coast-to-coast friend Ric from Monroe, WA. The two of them are running friends. Daria lives a few hours away and wanted to greet the coast-to-coasters as we arrived on our rest day. She and some family members were on hand to take our pictures, laud us with great praise, and generally make us feel like superstars.

After a long visit, we trundled over to our hotel, found the local health food store, and laid in our supplies for the weekend. We got a visit from Christiane, the Quebecois woman who rode with us for 5 weeks. She kindly gave us a bottle of maple syrup from her home.

Then, in a burst of genius, we took pizza fixings to a local pie shop and had them make us a vegan Italian sausage pizza for dinner. We sat on the porch in the evening sun looking out at the panorama of mountains and blue sky. It was delicious, and I don’t just mean the pizza. What a great way to ease into our day off. Plus, we have enough left over for lunch tomorrow. Wooo hooo!

Climbing to Star Lake
New York