• Fryeburg, ME to Durham, NH
  • 82.9 miles/4,227.7 total
  • Fastest day this week
  • 293 hours in the saddle (more than12 days)

Everyone is getting more excited about finishing off this journey. We were all up and out of the craft barn before 6:10 even though they didn’t open the doors to breakfast until 6:30. Most ate quickly and hit the road. It’s our next to the last day. Some people are openly tired of the trip. Others are ready to keep going. Christian has decided to buy panniers and travel by bike all the way back to New York City on his own. We’re trying as much as possible to stay in this moment. It’s getting hard, though.

This morning was foggy and cold. We needed wind jackets for a good part of the morning even with all the hills that New Hampshire and Maine have. The sights were pretty much the same as we’ve been seeing. But today there was a bit of a magical light with the spotty overcast and the mists rising. I was intrigued by this cemetery because of the light. From the road it seemed to stretch out into eternity. A connection to souls past. There are a lot of very old cemeteries here dating back to the 1700s.

We also saw lots of little lakes. They turned up everywhere you looked. Marty suggested there were as many lakes here as in northern Wisconsin, where the bulk of that state’s 13,000 lakes exist. If you were a water person, today was your day to be in your element.

Sheree, who left the tour back in Wyoming, returned to travel with us for 2 days. It’s good to see her again as she runs errands, and checks up with us on the road. Many people are looking forward to the whale watching cruise that’s been scheduled for Saturday night. It’ll be a big party and a chance for closure.

There was nothing remarkable about today’s ride after picnic except we stopped at a Radio Shack in Rochester. They actually had the replacement windscreen for our Tandem Talk boom mikes! We lost one of those 3 days ago and have had to make do without our tandem communication system since. We haven’t tested it yet, but we’re hopeful it’ll make the last day’s ride more enjoyable.

The middle school we are staying in is very small. The “gym” is small. But their play court has the great US map on it and someone has outlined our route! FUN!  The shower rooms are tiny and we’ll have to walk to dinner. Ah well. It is the last night for this kind of accommodation. Tomorrow night we have a hotel. Then we’re with Ric and Lisa in Newport for a few family days. We’ll end up with more than 150,000′ of elevation and close to 4,300 miles in the last 9 weeks.

The rain in Maine....
Atlantic at last