• Buffalo to Gillette, WY
  • 73 miles (1455 total)
  • 2093′ climbing
  • Picnic at 9:30 am

After yesterday’s challenging ride we were sorely in need of a rest day (pun intended). While we didn’t technically get one, we did have a much shorter and easier day. Who would’ve thought that 73 miles would ever be considered a rest day?! But with only 2093′ of climbing it did seem relatively easy, even with the afternoon headwinds. Check out that Wyoming flag. We made it to “picnic” by 9:30 am. They intentionally don’t call it “lunch” as it can be at any time. And we were in to the high school by about 2 pm, our earliest day yet. We have our first massages scheduled massages this afternoon.

Given that all but the first 5 miles and the last 10 miles were on I-90 there’s not very much to report. Unless you want to hear about the impact of a semi whizzing by at 75mph when you’re standing still on the shoulder. Since Spencer has picked up my sore throat, he’s taking a nap while I write, for a change.

There was some bad news today. One of the Coast-to-Coasters had a freak accident and is going to fly home for surgery. Such a bummer. It certainly points out the inherent hazards of undertaking a trip like this. A random piece of road trash ended her journey. Kathy was raising money for a different cause every week. We’re going to look into taking on her efforts, if possible, and will keep you posted.

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