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Oct 5, 2001

New England Fall Colors

October 5-13, 2001

Here’s a map of our trip (click on it to see it larger). The driving routes are shown in black. The three days that we rode are in blue and green. We rode a total of 168 miles on Sweathard, our tandem. Read about the science behind WHY leaves change color.

Oct 5, 2001

Why do fall colors change?

Borrowed from In the midst of summer’s sizzling heat, bright sunshine and rumbling thunderstorms, the beginning forces of fall foliage are underway. “A lot of the influences on fall color will take place or not take place in the next six weeks,” explained Stan Krugman, a life-long forester who provides the U.S. Forest Service […]

Oct 6, 2001

The Weekend: October 6-7

We began our journey by sending our bike to Rhode Island on Amtrak. We followed, via Delta, about a week later. S2 and Cycle were reunited at Sheila’s brother’s (Ric) home in Newport, RI where we spent two days before beginning our fall odyssey. During that time we visited Sheila’s cousin, aunt, and uncle. We […]

Oct 8, 2001

Monday October 8 -38 miles

On Monday, we tossed the bike in the back of Ric’s truck, strapped on the pop-up camper, and drove to Greenfield, Massachusetts, in the northwest part of the state. Sheila and I got out, mounted Sweathard, and pedaled west on Highway 2. Our first stop was in the little town of Shelburne Falls. The Bridge […]

Oct 9, 2001

Tuesday, October 9 – 50.5 miles

On Tuesday we took off by 10:30 to head north to Vermont. We stopped at the Natural Bridge, a marble rock formation spanning a 30′ deep chasm carved by a creek. It was beautiful, though not as expansive as arches in Utah. We continued north, passing stone walls and very little else except fabulous fall […]

Oct 10, 2001

Wednesday, October 10

We had decided to bag our plans to drive to, then ride our bike across the Kancamagus highway in New Hampshire, it being too far a drive for too long a ride. Instead, we drove to Holderness, NH and camped at Squam Lake, the site of “On Golden Pond”. After setting up camp, we continued […]

Oct 11, 2001

Thursday, October 11 – 62.6 miles

Thursday morning found us ready to ride again. We had decided to do a 60 mile loop while Ric drove to Mt. Washington for the day. Our trip took us around Squam Lake, site of the filming of “On Golden Pond”. It was, surprise! very hilly. When we dropped down into Center Sandwich, we hit […]

Oct 12, 2001

Friday, October 12

We broke camp Friday and drove the Kancamagus Highway. Stopped at Sabbaday Falls, which was reminiscent of the Flume, and Rocky Gorge. Then we high-tailed it for home. Took a short detour through Maine just to say we’d been there. We arrived in Newport around 7:30. Our trip came to its end the next day […]