On Tuesday we took off by 10:30 to head north to Vermont. We stopped at the Natural Bridge, a marble rock formation spanning a 30′ deep chasm carved by a creek. It was beautiful, though not as expansive as arches in Utah. We continued north, passing stone walls and very little else except fabulous fall foliage.

The road was again uphill most of the time. At times it was steeply uphill. Cresting one rise we saw a cemetery framed by a wind farm. We eventually arrived at Vermont 9 and turned east. We caught a good long downhill (HUZZAH!) which ended at a lake in Wilmington. The road then narrowed and started climbing to Hogback Mountain Pass, 3,600 feet. We hadn’t expected that. But by now we were anticipating continuous up, so we were better able to handle it. The good part was the 12 mile downhill to Brattleboro.

There we used the local library to send a message to Spencer’s class, visited with a bike store owner, then found Ric and our camper. He’d had some problems with the water system and when we rode up, the entire thing was drying out after a severe flood. Fortunately, no real damage was done and our sleeping bags were the only things which had gotten wet. We tossed them in the dryer at the campground, went out for Indian cuisine, then retired for the night.

Monday October 8 - 38 miles
Wednesday, October 10