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Jul 12, 2003

Tour BC: Sunshine & Whales

July 12-19, 2003

Billed as seven days of adventure on the Sunshine Coast of beautiful British Columbia, Tour BC was scheduled as the big regional trip for the S2Cycle team this summer. Little matter that it started the day after our one-day STP. “We are fit. We can do it.”

Or maybe that should be, “We’re in pretty good shape. We can manage it.”

Or maybe, “We are greedy. We can somehow stumble through this hell.”

After weeks of planning the packing portion of this extravaganza, on Friday, July 11, we finally packed up all our gear, less the necessities for the STP, the first day of riding of Tour BC, and our toiletries. This included a cooler of vegan food for us to ensure we had enough protein for the week. We dropped it off at Patty and Ron’s house in Seattle. They were also going on the tour and agreed to cart it all up for us.

Jul 13, 2003

North Vancouver to Sechelt

Day 1: 40 miles We woke Sunday morning at 6 and were on the road by 6:30. We arrived at Capilano College in North Vancouver around 9:45. Quickly we assembled the bike, changed clothes, and headed out for the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. I thought it was 12 miles away, an easy ride to catch […]

Jul 14, 2003

Sechelt to Powell River

Day 2: 56.5 miles We woke refreshed on the second day of Tour BC. Nothing like a massage and 9 hours of sleep to help you ride better! We set off under glowering skies to Powell River which would require a ferry trip in the middle. The ride followed the form of the first day, […]

Jul 15, 2003

Powell River to Port Alberni

Day 3: 76.4 miles The ride to Port Alberni included a 500 meter pass in the last 20 km of the ride. Let’s see, that translates into a 1600′ climb in the last 12 miles. Not gigantic, but bigger than anything else we’d see in the trip. We caught a ferry first thing in the […]

Jul 16, 2003

Port Alberni to Ucluelet

Day 4: 62.7 miles Today’s ride would set a new standard for “brutal”. It started off innocently enough. Gentle grades with some typically steep stretches. The first rest area was the beginning of the struggle. Sheila was in serious need of a rest room when we got there. But there was nothing except a water […]

Jul 17, 2003

Rest Day in Ucluelet

Day 5: 0 miles Today was an optional out and back ride from Ucluelet to Toffino. Are you kidding? Did you think we were going to ride again after our last day? We took this day off completely. We did laundry, found a motel room (Sheila’s back was killing her), surfed the internet, napped, got […]

Jul 18, 2003

Ucluelet to Port Alberni

Day 6: 66.5 miles We tried, but failed to get an early start this day. We’d packed all our gear up on the afternoon of the day before. We’d set it under the luggage truck, helmets and shoes included, to await us the next morning. Since the rule was that everyone loaded their own luggage, […]

Jul 19, 2003

Port Alberni to North Vancouver

Day 7: 75.5 miles Started this day with our quick breakfast and a fast pack-up job. We were on the road by the time most people started the breakfast line, 6:30. We’d been worried about the hill, but we had worried needlessly. The hill turned out to be a steady, easy climb. Again, we never […]