Thursday morning found us ready to ride again. We had decided to do a 60 mile loop while Ric drove to Mt. Washington for the day.

Our trip took us around Squam Lake, site of the filming of “On Golden Pond”. It was, surprise! very hilly. When we dropped down into Center Sandwich, we hit 49.7 mph. We stopped to see a general store and were almost immediately accosted by another couple on a tandem. Donna and Carl were out for a short loop through the colors. We shared a pie with them then continued toward Wonalancet, which was billed as a picturesque New England town.

On the way we stopped at Durgin Bridge, got momentarily lost after climbing a huge hill. Then we backtracked across the bridge and found our way toward Wonalancet. After endless hills we saw the 35 mph speed limit sign. We figured we were close to town. More hills led us nowhere. We finally stopped at the first house we’d seen in miles. “Are we near a town?” Sheila asked.

“Nope,” was the answer.

“We’re out of water and hoped to refill in Wonalancet,” she continued.

“Oh. Well, you’re IN Wonalancet. There’s nothing here! But come in and fill up your bottles and use the bathroom,” the gentleman replied.

Turns out he was a cyclist too. And that there really wasn’t much to Wonalancet. All it turned out to be was a small church at the edge of a field. What a disappointment.

The rest of the day we cruised through the 75 degree weather finding more hills than we thought existed. After 62.6 long miles, we were back at camp and ready for a shower.

Wednesday, October 10
Friday, October 12