Last night in Riverton as we went to bed,
we looked at the sky and saw nothing but red.
The sun was afire as were many trees
Causing evacuation of tiny communities.
Wyoming is burning as is Colorado.
We hope all are safe, but we don’t really know.

Sorry, I couldn’t stop myself. It is a very dry summer here.
Fires are all around, though none dangerously near.

  • Riverton to Worland, WY
  • 93.5 miles/1290 total
  • 14.6 average
  • Hot and smokey
  • Winds of all kinds
  • A marriage of rivers
But the smoke and the haze are quite evident. We could smell the blazes all morning long. You couldn’t even see the horizon most of the day.

It was a challenging day in many ways even though we generally lost elevation for the second day in a row. The winds were swirling, sometimes at our backs, sometimes at our side, sometimes in our faces. We had to just abide. Our New York friend Christian was our model. He said it was all just practice for tomorrow’s 20 mile climb. We can do this. So we didn’t whine.

The scenery changed from dry, dusty desert-like areas to a 10 mile long river canyon with exposed cliffs dating back 250 million years to irrigated croplands to bunchgrass-covered fields. And through it all, wind. Our picnic today was at the end of the Wind River Canyon, the river we’d been following the last day and a half. At that point it changed names to The Big Horn River, this spot is called The Marriage of the Rivers. We kept all our stops short so we could get in before the temperature broke the 90s. I don’t know if we made it, but we were happily in at 3.

Now for a short, whole-cyclist report. We are both in very good spirits and feeling quite confident about our expedition. The sore butts don’t bother us now until we get around 75-80 miles, and it is bearable. Healthwise I’m fine but Sheila has had a few minor problems. We took a slow-motion tumble while turning around on the bike trail in Idaho the first week. She didn’t get any scrapes but has a couple of big bruises in places a reporter wouldn’t name. And of course she’s been plagued by the bug bites. For about the last week or more she’s been fighting off a cold of some sort, mostly a sore throat. It may have peaked last night when she was feverish at bedtime. She “crashed” really early. You can see our gym-floor accommodations. I’d say she isn’t up to snuff, except that’s about all her nose can manage.

Wyoming winds
Our biggest climb ever