Friday Sheila collided with a door jamb at full tilt and broke her nose! She’s fine and is able to ride but it’s a shock to the system and an energy drain. To make a long story short, she was running to catch a phone call and slammed face-first  into a door jam! There was instantly much blood-letting, but she quickly iced the wound and staunched the flow. Then she spent two  hours at Group Health finally getting the x-ray you see. The break is that little crooked bit near the end of her beak bone. Now she’s using lots of ice and Ibuprofen. She slept sitting up last night. It’s swollen and bruised but not too bad, considering. It shouldn’t interfere with our final weekend of training.

The up side is we may have this sort of thing out of the way, so hopefully there won’t be any more “accidents” for this trip!

The UNofficial start of our journey
An adventure we cannot fail