We’ve done lots of training in the past couple of months including back to back 80+ mile days to Mt. Vernon, a trip up Snoqualmie Pass where we hit snow and had to back track and another up Mt. St. Helens where we also turned around for snow. We’ve done hills, passes, and lots of miles. We’re as ready as one can be and we know it’ll still be challenging.

The official “Coast to Coast” starts in a mere two-weeks from Everett, WA. Being purists, we decided we really HAD to ride all the way from the Pacific Ocean rather than the Puget Sound!

So we un-officially started our cross country journey this weekend by riding from Westport to Seattle.  It really felt like the start of our trip. We dipped our tire in the Pacific Saturday afternoon when we arrived at Westport,  and headed out early Sunday morning. We felt strong all day. It was overcast but pleasant. We saw a magnificent giant driftwood guitar just outside of Cosmopolis. That’s a beach kind of thing to do.

The roads were mostly flat all day. The plant life shifted from coastal rhododendrons to gigantic fields of scotch broom as we got inland. We were pleased to have finally gotten our GPS to give us turn-by-turn directions for a routerhodies. It was working quite well until we were directed onto a gravel road that kept shrinking, and shrinking, until it looked like it was not much more than a cow path through the woods. Miller Road indeed.

We backtracked and our GPS “recalculated” a new course for us which required a lot of riding along a pretty busy highway with a narrow, narrow shoulder. We fought our way along, and wound through back neighborhoods in Bremerton until we finally arrived at the ferry.

Miller Road "shortcut"At that point the stress of riding 113 miles hit us hard. We had to wait 50 minutes for a 50 minute ferry ride and I fell asleep on the ferry. But we rallied on the Seattle shore and rode our last 8 miles back to the car, which had been shuttled home by our bestest of friends, Bill and Sooz. Next week we’ll finish the journey by riding from Seattle to Everett so when we finally ride with the group, we’ll have gone coast to coast.

And now we await the official start of the trip. See ya in the funny papers.

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