We’ve just returned from our annual east coast visit. Sheila’s been in this Parkinson’s medical study for six years. No, she does not have Parkinson’s. See this post for more about the study. Anyhow, they fly us to Boston, all expenses paid. We typically maximize the benefit.

This time we spent a few days with brother Ric and his family in Rhode Island. We met up with the extended family for a dinner and taught Ric and Lisa to play Qwirkle. We’d brought the game and Lisa liked it so much she ordered her own. We even walked out on Satchuest Point despite the rain. The rain broke long enough for a walk on a  lovely bike trail while we awaited our train back to Boston from Kingston, RI. See photos below.

Back in Boston there was the morning filled with a battery of cognitive tests, etc. We walked and found some cool murals. Then we went to our favorite Indian restaurant, Mela for dinner. Our niece Anna Riggs just moved to Boston and she joined us. We enjoyed vegan ice cream at the nearby FoMu.

Saturday we flew to Chicago for a few days with Shaina & Ty. It was VERY hot there, high 80s. We took them to a very windy (and cold in the shade) Wrigley Field for a Cubs game Sunday. Everyone’s first time there. We played more Qwirkle and learned the dice game Farkle. It was great fun hanging out and visiting with lots of unscheduled time together. Our last full day there went from sunny to wild and windy. It was so bad a tree split just down the block from us. Fortunately it missed all the cars as it crashed down. Another great trip in the books.