May 07

Focal Standing work station

by in Sheila

If you haven’t already read my first post from last December about standing workstations you might want to start there. It includes the background and lots of links to resources. I found the saddle stool to be a bit too wide for my pelvis and didn’t use it much. I was coveting the newly discovered Focal workstation but couldn’t figure out how to afford it, especially with the expense of the original saddle stool I wasn’t using. In February, while I was in Rhode Island to move my Mom home, I stopped by their office to try it out. Because they knew I was interested, when the Ergo Depot in Portland (where I’d bought my stool) had a Focal “scratch-n-dent” available at 30% off I jumped at the chance. Especially after they agreed to only charge a restock fee for the stool (an exception to their 30 day policy).

So last weekend, almost exactly 5 months after the initial purchase, we returned to Portland and after some family time, returned home with a 100 pound box on top of the car! The setup was pretty easy with their great videos to guide us. Here are a few photos. Only time will tell how my body adapts, but so far, so good. I’ll report back again in a few months.

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