heila turned 60 in December of 2009. We threw a Coconut Bliss party in conjunction with a video contest they were having the first weekend in November. So that felt like it was all the celebration needed. See pictures in the first gallery below. Little did she know that Spencer had been planning a BIG surprise party for her. And it certainly was a surprise because it didn’t happen until mid-January more than a month after her birthday. Dear friend Gail Silverstein from Phoenix even flew in for it. Spencer asked friends to email him special words and blessings then had friend and textile artist Bonnie Tarses create beautiful word-art using a color substitution method to do the wrapping. Hard to describe but beautiful when compiled (see above). And dear friend Carol Lissance made a custom hand-made 2-sided card. You can see it in this¬† slideshow from that happy event below. Click on the first image to see the thumbnails as a slideshow. Enjoy!

This was our video submission in the Coconut Bliss Night of Bliss contest. We won enough for a big party.

November’s Coconut Bliss Party

January’s Surprise 60th Birthday Party

Body Image - Body Work